M-F Pre-K Class

Ages: Open to 4-5 year olds. Children must be age 4 by September 1st.

Meets: Monday through Friday mornings.

Overview: This class is designed to help your child develop the social, emotional, and academic skills needed to excel in kindergarten. The Pre-K program incorporates a project-based, student-interest-driven curriculum that includes field trips.

Curriculum: The foundation of our child-centered, play-based curriculum is guided by the implementation of THE CREATIVE CURRICULUM FOR PRESCHOOL ®, along with an engaging creative arts program, a multifaceted social and emotional curriculum where diversity is embraced and every child feels valued and cherished.

In the Pre-K program, pre-academic skills are taught through play-based experiences that provide essential building blocks needed to make learning fun and engaging. The cultivation of imagination and the love of learning are evident in this unique learning environment. Play is viewed as the language of all young children, and creative play opportunities are seen as key not only to the development of critical thinking skills, language skills, and self-regulation skills, but also to the development of the whole child. Conflict is viewed as an opportunity for teaching negotiation skills, friendship skills, and other social and emotional skills. Play and other activities are based on individual interests and learning goals. Learning themes that have been woven throughout the curriculum come to life through field trips to fire stations, museums, theater productions, and storytelling events.

One particularly noteworthy highlight of the Pre-K class at CCP is the Art Show. Each year the students learn about various influential artists and then emulate each artist’s technique to create their own work of art to be showcased at the end of the year when their classroom is transformed into an art gallery.

Our staff’s implementation of the curriculum embraces the emotional world of children through kind, nurturing interactions enhanced by the Nurtured Heart Approach ™ and Conscious Discipline ® methodologies helping each child develop a positive sense of self as an active learner. These positive emotional memories of early learning – last a lifetime.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Routine

Time Overview Details
8:30 AM – 8:50 AM Arrival / Play on outdoor playground
  • Greeting from teacher upon arrival
  • Outdoor play on beautiful, tree-shaded, fenced playground with tricycle path, play structure with slides, large sand box, and playhouse
8:50 AM – 9:00 AM Cubby work
  • Hang coat
  • Wash hands
  • Sign-in name
  • Get ready for large group meeting
9:00 AM – 9:25 AM Group Meeting
(Large Group Learning)
  • Review of the day’s activities
  • Weather Song and discussion
  • Sharing and Group discussion
  • Secret Sack
9:25 AM – 9:50 AM Snack (provided by CCP) and Book Look
9:50 AM – 10:00 AM Story Time
10:00 AM – 10:55 AM Play Plans at Learning Centers
  • Art projects
  • Small group projects
10:55 AM – 11:00 AM Clean-up
11:00 AM – 11:15 AM Friendship Circle: Music Time
11:15 AM Dismissal of non-Playtime Plus Students
11:20 AM – 12:15 PM Playtime PLUS
  • Extended multi-aged play on the outdoor playground or in the classrooms & gross motor room during inclement weather