Job Descriptions


  • Presides over and sets agenda for monthly board meetings and corporate meetings.
  • Liaison for school with Wesley Church and Foundation if Director not available.
  • Responsible for legal documents. ¬†Signs: contracts, checks, D.C.F.S. license application and annual report for Secretary of State.
  • Chairs personnel committee to hire new personnel.
  • Sets school calendar with Director.
  • Drafts correspondence as need by the Director.
  • Oversees any revisions to the Board/Staff manual with Director and Business Manager.
  • Organizes and leads New Board Member Retreat before the end of the school year or at the start of the school year.
  • Keeps ledger of all policy and By-Law changes including data of vote – A copy of action items is then given to the Director at the end of each school year to be filed in corporation’s locked file cabinet at Wesley.
  • Oversees Board
  • Coordinates Rummage Sale (with help of Host Family and Family Semester Project).

Vice President

  • Coordinates rummage sale (with help from the President, Host Family, & Family Semester Project)
  • Coordinates Scrip Sale (late October thru beginning of November)
  • Coordinates Local Restaurant Visits
  • Oversees Givers’ Quilt Fundraiser (end of November thru December)
  • Coordinates Make-A-Plate (with help from Family Semester Project)
  • Coordinates CCP t-shirt sale (fall and spring)


  • Takes minutes at Playtime Preschool, Inc. Board & Corporate meetings held 8-9 times a year.
  • Assists President and Vice President with correspondence when needed.
  • Produces monthly news bulletin and emails it to LISTSERV
  • Coordinates website maintenance and design
  • Aides the President and Vice President in their duties as needed
  • End of school year, give the board approved copy of each month’s board minutes to the Director for storage in Corporation’s locked file cabinet at Wesley.
  • Coordinates CCP’s public awareness (updates website, purchase ads, coordinates articles written about CCP for local website(s), distributes CCP brochures around the C-U community that Business Team revises.


  • Oversees monthly deposit amounts and signs checks weekly for QuickBooks book (Business Team will deposit checks weekly and prepare the Tuition and Fees Balance Statement for August registration packets).
  • Oversees tax return preparation by professional CPA and electronic filing (ensures paper copy of return is placed in CCP’s file cabinet)
  • Coordinates CCP’s Family Pizza Picnic Event usually held the last Thursday in September (usually held the last Thursday in September (with help of Family Semester Project).
  • Coordinates CCP’s December Cookie Lunch usually held on the first Friday of December (with help from Family Semester Project)
  • Coordinates CCP’s Family Pizza Picnic held in May (with help from Family Semester Project)
  • Communicates with CCP Business Team at least weekly


  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Cast votes in the best interest of the school