Board Information

Are you interested in joining the parent-run board or would just like to know more about what the board does?  Read job descriptions for the various positions and find a declaration of candidacy form here.

Job Descriptions

Declaration of Candidacy Form

Although the ethos of the corporation is one of cooperation, it is acceptable to run against an incumbent board member or other parent members who are seeking the same position.

Executive board members (President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer) receive a reduction in their monthly tuition and board members do not clean.  Board members are expected to attend a monthly meeting in addition to their respective duties, along with completing Fall and Spring Semester Projects.

Board members are voted into their positions at the February Corporate General Meeting and are expected to serve for a full calendar year beginning June 1st.

If you have questions about any of the positions, please feel free to call the President or the person currently holding the position (see Board listing in CCP’s Parent Handbook).